Top 3 Most Popular Video Editing Apps for iPhone

In recent times, personal videos have become an integral part of our lives, enabling us to share memories with our family and friends. With the recent introduction of iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s+, Apple has brought 4K video recording (high-definition) to a large new audience.

Even with such a powerful device, you may still want to edit your videos before sharing them.

Listed below are the three most popular video editing apps for iPhone.

1. iMovie

Apple’s iMovie application is the deepest integrated app in comparison with any other app mentioned on this list. iMovie has taken advantage of Apple’s latest features such as ultra high-definition 4K videos, 3D touch support, 1080 HD videos at 60 fps.

With a variety of unique themes, users can now add matching titles, music to their videos and different transitions without any need to worry about seamless and cohesive design. In the absence of your own music, you can use built-in music provided on iMovie itself, along with different sound effects. One issue that annoyed us was that we couldn’t place any text on the video which seemed pretty disappointing.

Other features of this app include the capability provided to access movies across iCloud and even via Apple TV using iMovie Theater.

You can easily upload videos directly and share them with your family and friends on Facebook and Vimeo.

2. Video Trim & Cut

Devoid of themes, filters and soundtracks, this app only provides the ability to trim and cut videos as per your desire. Video Trim and Cut has the easiest timeline with a zoomed in view in the case of editing which enables you to start and end the video where you intend. Another reason to use this app is that it is completely free and comes without any in-app purchases.

After trimming the video as per your specification, you can save the output in QuickTime or MPEG-4 format in low, medium or high quality.

Video Editing Apps for iPhone

One thing that caught our eye is that it Apple’s built-in video editor does the exact same actions this app can perform.

In case you don’t want to use Apple’s Photos application or have better control over your edited videos, this app will fit you the best.

3. Splice

Splice is a powerful, yet minimal video editor. Splice provides quick and easy solution and among the best video editing apps for iPhone. By simply selecting the video they want to work on, users can start their editing work. The resultant video has a timeline which presents each video as a single clip to work and edit.

To start the adjusting the videos, tap on them and you reach to a separate area to adjust text overlays, add effects or trim selections. After making the required changes, you are sent to the main board to view other clips too. Here you can record voice-over narration and sound effects to your videos, add sound effects or record voice-over narration for your video.

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Here we end our list of top 3 video editing apps for iPhone. Install them, make and edit videos and share your experience with us. Mention your reviews and recommendations in the comment section.

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