Top 3 Best Video Editing Apps for Mobile Editors

Talking about recording and editing a video on any mobile device, that doesn’t mean that the quality of your finished product will be poor, or you are less qualified. But you do need some software to turn your footage into a good video. Understanding the details of mobile journalism can be quite useful in case when you are reporting from a remote area.

For such situations, there are much impressive and highly effective apps for video editing available at your disposal. Here we have listed top three software that you can use.



Lumify is a great app for doing video editing with ease and quite simple to use even for beginners. It allows the user to use a variety of features such as filters, audio mixing, and transitions.

In case you wish to create a 5-scene video, it’s quite simple to do so. You can just add the video footage and images from your camera roll or record on the spot.

It also comes with options to add titles, “pan” static images to make them interactive, slow up or down the scene, etc. If you wish to see others’ videos for inspiration, you can browse movies of others. The only bad issue with this app is that it needs 1GB free space on your mobile device to function without any hiccups. If you haven’t maintained this limit, you may encounter frequent app crashing even during the video editing.

Devices: iOS


Back in 2012, this app allowed four people to record and combine their own video footage being present at the same location. Now with latest updates, you can do the similar thing in collaboration with people around the world.

This app is quite useful for journalists who wish to portray an event like any protest, to shoot from different angles and providing the audience the ability to control contrast and make comparison of its impact across different locations.

To know what others are filming and wish to join in, you have to activate the location service on your device. When you get your footage, no matter if it’s a new or an existing one, you can easily add audio and standard filters along with comments and hashtags before uploading.

Devices: Android, iOS, Windows



Being bought by YouTube, this app provides a new element in the field of video editing: storyboards.

Using this, you can record or upload any number of scenes of different length. One thing to note here is that this app will suggest you some guidance on the correct duration – add captions and trim scenes.

This app also provides an option to add interviews or voiceovers along with music, animations and titles.

All you have to do is to register to get access to all storyboards which can include ‘road trip’ or ‘local festival’ and have a list of pre-set shots. You can also have step-by-step instructions regarding which scene should you film next.

Devices: iOS

With this, we end our list of video editing apps for mobile. If you have any other app that should be included in this list, just mention it. Do not forget to state your reviews and suggestions in the comment section below.

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