How to Create 3D Movies with Video Editing Software

We all have fallen in love with 3D movies. The experience and entertainment these movies provide can’t be defined in few words. If you are looking to create 3D movies, then you can go for popular video editing software that is available on the market like CyberLink PowerDirector, MAGIX Movie Edit Pro and more.

In comparison with professionally made 3D movies, your movie may not match in terms quality of the final output. But rest assured it will definitely impress your family and friends.

Most of the video editors come with 3D effects that need cyan and red glasses. This lead to distortion of colors, but it works well. The reason behind 3D movies looking fuzzy without the glasses is that there are two images put on top of one another. These images have a cyan hint and red tint, respectively. Then the 3D glasses filter out the colors such that one eye will see the image in cyan color while the other eye sees the red image. This generates a perception of depth.

To create 3D movies by this software, there are two methods and the majority of the applications lacks capabilities to handle both. The first methods is the most common one which takes one image, duplicates into another image and further offsets the two images slightly. This process is done automatically, and it’s quick and easy way. But the issue with it is that it doesn’t provide any options for editing the final product in any certain way.

Create 3D Movies

The second method is to start filming of the movie in 3D from the beginning. In the market, some cameras are available with 3D filming technology which has two cameras in one. To capture the sense of depth, the film is made from two different angles. After this, the videos are compiled and coded in such a way that one eye will see one version and the other eye will see the second version by using certain kind of filter and glasses. Currently, there aren’t many applications that can work with simultaneous video.

You must be wondering whether you should make your movie in 3D or not. Well, there are two reasons to convince you to make your movie 3D. The first reason is that 3D movies generate startle and thrill factor. Such movies put people in the middle of the action. The second reason is the added depth generates which will showcase the scenery, and people will get immersed in your memories.

So if you wish to impress your family and friends and immerse them in the location and unfathomable experience, then you should definitely go for 3D movie. The software we have reviewed has the ability to make great videos in 3D.

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