Fixing Video Editing Mistakes – An Overview

Feared by most of the videographers but still with editors and teams of camera operators, few minor details gets unnoticed and creates a major mistake. Like for example, in the case of a car chase in a movie, a car has broken window in one frame and then brand new window appears on the same car in another frame.

Such mistakes may be ignored by some viewers, but many struggles with reconnecting to the story again. Talking of such gaffes, many blockbuster movies have been plagued with such minor mistakes.

Whether it is “Iron Man”, Titanic or Gladiator, each has some mistakes that create a disconnect between the movie and the viewers.

The Reason

Human error is considered to be the top most reason for such mistakes. They are not only hard to catch but also very tough to cover up. Having said that, there are many points to remember to avoid these mistakes.

The cast of the movie should take off their non-essential jewelry before they enter the shooting area. Another point to remember is taking photographs of the crew and cast in their full costumes and makeup. Other minute details that should be kept in mind are the quantity of food on the table, coffee in the mug, time on the clock, the direction of pencils on the table, etc. This helps in avoiding problems during the shoot.


The Fix

When it comes to fix most of the continuity errors, Video editing software are an obvious choice. Once you have finished filming and started editing the movie, take any one of the professional video editing software and cut the unwanted and misleading part- the mistakes.

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No matter if you are shooting a documentary or a short movie over any current issue, these software provides the tools to rectify video editing mistakes, continuity errors and helps in bringing out a well-structured, meaningful video.

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