Online Video Editor – Their Future in Balance

When we think of future of video editing, the notion of storing our videos online comes into mind. But one major hurdle is the available internet speeds which may not be able to handle the workload.
Cloud storage has been here for a while, and many companies are entering into hosting “cloud” services.

Now these companies are looking into storing and handling all of your project files in the cloud too. Companies like YouTube, ShutterStock, GoPro, etc. are now offering online video editing. It can provide the ability to edit your videos on one machine at one place and access the project on another machine at any place around the world. In the following, we will discuss few of these online video editor and their features.

1. YouTube Editor
Using YouTue Editor, a user can combine audio/video clips and images online. You can easily add music from YouTube audio library, trim videos, apply few effects, etc. You can also adjust speed, color correct, stabilize footage, add filters and apply text too.

Its quite a basic program and is the standard of online video editing. Its easy to learn and a great tool for those who wish to learn how to edit video.

2. Shutterstock Sequence
Available only on Chrome, Shutterstock Sequence is an easy-to-use and simple online video editing tool. One of it salient features is its ability to purchase and use Shutterstock footage. With the choice of over two million videos and audio tracks, you can drag and drop them into your project. Users can also upload and share their audio and video files to family, friends or clients for review.

Another feature that sets it apart is the footage stock option. You can mix up some stock clips with ease to enhance the experience of your project.

3. GoPro Studio
A relative newcomer in the scenario of online video editing, GoPro Studio offers a variety of features. Like other online editing programs, this also provides the option to trim videos and slow motion options. It also has an in-built fisheye adjustment control, the capability to edit 3D footage from Dual Hero system and time lapse assembler.

online video editing

So what will be the future of online video editing?
As we have seen, these programs have their own limits. Although one can trim and rearrange clips, there is a lack of serious and complex edit tools. They are good for making a quick video in few minutes and a perfect choice for an amateur. Beginners can use these editors for small and simple projects.

But are they the future?
Well if companies like Adobe found out the way to manage all your footage then we can say that “Yes, they are the future.”

At present, only big studios and production houses can handle online editing internally. If it becomes universal then there won’t be any need for exports of half-finished projects and any other hassle related to accessing and editing videos online.

Massive file sizes are the biggest problem. When it comes to editing 4K footage online, it becomes almost impossible. Unless and until someone finds out a way to compress these files, we won’t see any tremendous advances in online video editing.

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