The Best Professional Video Editing Software of 2017

Professional video editing software is all about the expert features and enhanced tools that affordable and best video editing software cannot provide. These programs are pricey and hence you should carefully examine and compare each software according to your personal needs. Here we have listed the best professional video editing software and we will provide a detailed comparison of each side by side.

Professional Video Editing Software of 2017

1. Adobe Premiere Pro

This premium software from Adobe offers you a complete start to finish video production in a highly professional manner. Adobe Premiere Pro has compatibility of working with any video format and it can run on both PCs & Macs, making it first choice for professionals that need flexibility.

Premiere Pro can work with 8k video footage and also with virtual reality formats plus the Lumetri Color panel can make any kind of color adjustments in a very easy manner. Adobe’s other tools like After Effects and several audio / video are also closely integrated, which means extra functionality and in depth approach to video editing.

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2. Final Cut Pro

A masterpiece from Apple, this professional video editing program is the first choice of many Mac users as its fast and powerful. It has ample of templates, effects and transitions to enhance any video very quickly. With its Magnetic Timeline, you will never have any syncing problems and all those unwanted time gaps are filled appropriately.

As this is a Mac only software hence it relies on Apple’s compressor software and this is the reason its ecosystem is almost perfect. The advanced chroma keying with 3D title generation is another exclusive feature it has.

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3. Avid Media Composer

This powerful video editor can use any SD, HD and 8k video formats with ease. Media Composer also offers the integrated DVD authoring with surround sound, real-time effects that are highly powerful and advanced.

It works on both Mac and Windows plus you can combine raw footage from devices like iPhones, 4K cameras or an old SD archive all in the same project. More advanced features includes the audio dupe detection, groups and nested clip effects, audio ducking etc.

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4. Lightworks Pro

Lightworks has been around for a long time, many Oscar nominated movies have been made through this professional video editing tool. It can handle video formats of SD, HD and 4K. It also has the advanced color correction tool that combines with keyframes and visual effect routing. Lightworks Pro can even run on Linux systems which you hardly find in these pro software. Mac and Windows systems are also covered like other software.

Although Lightworks is not a household name, but its intuitive workflows and a good managing of project will surely serve all the needs of a professional video editing software. You get a 7 day renewable license, and you try the free version as well before making a buying decision.

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Rest of the Best Professional Video Editing Software

Professional Video Editing Software

5. Vegas Pro

A very fast video editor that uses drag and drop workflow that works on Windows is compatible for video up to 4K. It has ability to upscale videos from 4K to UHD with ease. Video highly intelligent audio editing tool and workflows you will be amazed how this software provides all kind of professional touches quickly.

With pro image stabilization and OpenFX architecture Vegas Pro is highly intuitive and capable to doing all kind of stuff.

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6. Grass Valley EDIUS Pro

This nonlinear video editing software is affordable and can deliver a superior 4K workflow with ease. No crashes whatsoever while working and stability of this software is pretty good. It has compatibility of almost every other media format and you can combine videos of .mov, .MP4, WAV audio without any problems.

It runs on Windows and its quite affordable compared to other professional video editing software.

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7. HitFilm

A product from FXhome Ltd. HitFilm Pro is predominantly a special effect software that can be accredited with all-in-one video editing program. You can also edit the modern GoPro and 360-degree videos with this, the only thing that can worry you is the learning curve. It is not for beginners and you need to spend time with its interface and workflow.

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8. Magix Video Pro

A very advanced tool that can be used easily with basic editing tools and interface of Magix Video Pro. The latest X7 version has lots new things to offer and the feature set have been considerable improved compared to the Video Pro X6.

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Worth a try before you buy and remember each software above have free trials so make a decision once you have tested those which you like the most. Any of the above you buy will only give you ample of benefits and every software has unique feature that others lack.

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  1. Basically I have a weakness in Adobe products. Personally I use Adobe premier Pro. It’s awesome and fit for professional. Actually I started video editing career with this software and still with it. I never tried any other tool. By the way,thanks for your review and tips. 🙂

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