A Step by Step Guide to Video Editing

Video editing is all about using a software. There are number of video editing tools available and they are quite easy to use. In this article we will checkout the necessary steps that involve video editing.

To give you an overview video editing has several steps to be followed and in short they are – having a good hardware (camera), transferring those created movie files to computer, editing video, exporting and finally uploading it to sites to share them.

Let’s get started with the most essential thing in video editing.


Yes, camera is the primary requirement, you cannot edit a video unless you have it. Today, with the help of handheld devices like smartphones and tablets, its fairly easy to make a video.

It depends on your budget what type of camera you should have, but there are few important factors that will help you choose a camera which you should carefully read and implement.

Focus – Camera can have autofocus and manual focus, the former one will be point and shoot type, no need to do settings while the manual options is for experienced candidates.

Rate of Frame –  The higher frame rate in camera will have clearer shots, and normal frame rates are 24 to 30 fps.

Changeable Lenses – Its always good to have a camera with changeable camera lense that will give you more control of what you are doing.

Lighting – Proper lighting is always necessary to shoot a video with high clarity and quality. An external light source like an LEP/bulbs can be used to have a three-point light system.

Lighting Filter – There are things to improve quality of light and diffusers and light filters will give you plenty of options.

Again everything above depends upon how much are you willing to spend and what type of video are you shooting.

Transferring Raw Video

After you have made good use of your hardware, the next step is to transfer that file to your PC or Mac. Both the operating systems have mostly plug and play type nature. In Mac you will get a Photo App that will help you in import video when you attach your device to computer.

Similarly, in Windows you use all type of options like Memory cards, USB ports and Firewire connection. After you import your video you can now move to the third step which is a editing video.

Video Editing

Finally we now we will doing some editing work. You will find more than hundred video editing programs ranging from free to thousands of dollars. So, my advice here would be to go with a free software if you are just starting in video editing, and slowly but surely move to a professional software that will give you plenty of options.

Some of the options available are:

EzvidBasic video editor which is free.
Avid Free DV – Works on Mac and Windows and has real-time effects that can be added.
VideoSpin – Pretty basic and it can upload video directly to YouTube
Windows Movie Maker – Its good for beginners and intermediate users plus it has good effects and audio techniques that can help a lot in beginning.
 iMove – Preloaded with Apple Mac, is simple to use and has some great advanced features.
Wondershare Video Editor – Another beginners video editing tool that has simple intuitive interface.
CyberLink PowerDirector – Costing about $50 PowerDirector has free modes, 300+ effects and more than 100 tracks.

Its not necessary that a expensive software can give you what you need, but everything depends upon your understanding and skill level you have.

Exporting your Video

Once you get your hands dirty with the video editing software you will probably want to export your new editing video.

Make sure you save the originals and If you are exporting from YouTube then do in formats like MOV, MPEG-4, AVI, WMV, MPEG-PS, FLV, WebM

Exporting video to YouTube – MP4 is the best format for you to export, when you need to upload that video to YouTube. Its because you can choose the clarity with frames in this format properly on YouTube.

and for every video site out there like Vimeo, Instagram etc. You have to know the formats. A little homework will be required here. But for YouTube, which is the best video submission site is what we have covered above.

In the end remember of all the above steps will be essential and should be of high quality to get maximum social success and may be financial success.

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